Fresh Small Dog Names for Tiny Pups

Choosing Names for Small Dogs

When naming a small dog, the process is more than just a whimsical selection; it’s a thoughtful decision that reflects the dog’s size, character, and connection to them.

Small dogs, with their distinct personalities and often diminutive statures, deserve names that echo their unique traits and our affection for them.

Understanding the Impact of Size on Naming

The size of a dog often inspires its name. Terms like “tiny,” “mini,” and “short” are not only descriptive but also endearing, lending themselves beautifully to names that highlight a small dog’s charming nature.

A tiny dog with a big personality might be humorously contrasted with a larger-than-life name or aptly named with something that denotes its petite size.

small dog names
Small dog names

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Reflecting Personality and Physical Features

Small dogs often have a significant presence, packed into a compact form. Their names can reflect their spirited energy or their cuddly, loveable nature.

Names like “Peanut,” “Button,” and “Pip” offer a sense of cuteness and are particularly fitting for small breeds that capture the hearts of their owners with their adorable antics and tiny stature.

Cultural and Personal Influences

Choosing a name can also be influenced by cultural factors or personal preferences. For instance, names derived from different languages that mean “small,” such as “Piccolo” (Italian for small) or “Klein” (German for small), can add an international flair to your pet’s identity.

Similarly, pop culture references, favorite book characters, or even family names can significantly influence decision-making.

Practical Considerations

Practicality also plays a key role in naming a small dog. Short, crisp names are easier for dogs to recognize and quicker for owners to say, especially when calling them back during walks or training sessions.

Additionally, names that might sound similar to commands, such as “Kit,” which could be confused with “sit,” should be considered carefully to avoid training complications.

Small Dog Names

Now, let’s dive into the latest scoop in the small dog naming world: the rise of human names. Yes, our little canine friends are increasingly christened with names you’d typically find in a kindergarten classroom.

Names like “Oliver,” “Zoe,” “Ella,” and “Leo” are topping the charts for tiny pups everywhere. But why this shift towards human names?

Human Names on the Rise

Delving into this trend, it appears that as dogs have moved from the backyard into our homes and beds, we’ve begun to humanize them more than ever.

They’re not just pets; they’re family members. Giving them a human name strengthens that bond, blurring the lines between pet and person.

Analyzing the Favorites

Data from pet registrations reveal a fascinating trend: classic and trendy human names are making a big splash in the small dog arena.

“Charlie,” “Lucy,” “Daisy,” and “Max” are just a few examples. These names are warm and familiar, which likely adds to their popularity.

Small Male Dog Names

Why the Human Touch?

This trend also reflects a deeper cultural shift. As we embrace our dogs as integral parts of our lives, we give them names that hold significance in human contexts. This enhances the personal connection and elevates our dogs’ status within our social and familial circles.

Choosing the right name from the vast sea of cute small dog names is crucial—it reflects your dog’s personality and aspirations. 

Whether you choose a classic like “Bella” or a unique one like “Oreo,” remember that each name carries its flavor and flair.

It’s not just about the sound or the ease of calling it out in a park; it’s about the story you want to tell the world about your beloved pet.

Female Small Puppy Names

Imagine bringing home a little bundle of joy, her tail wagging and eyes gleaming with mischief and excitement.

You’re trying to find the perfect name that mirrors her charm, size, and burgeoning personality. Let’s explore a bouquet of female puppy names, each with its story and character.

Ava – Elegant and timeless, perfect for a poised and graceful pup.

Belle – French for beautiful, ideal for a stunning dog that turns heads.

Coco – Chic and lively, suits a dog with a glamorous or playful personality.

Dixie – Charming with a touch of Southern flair for a sweet and spirited dog.

Ella – Musical and smooth, a great name for a gentle, loving puppy.

Small Dogs And Names

Fiona – Strong and beautiful, fits a dog with a powerful presence and kind heart.

Greta – Dignified and classic, suitable for a wise and composed dog.

Hazel – Earthy and warm, perfect for a dog with a nurturing and soft nature.

Ivy – A name that suggests both delicacy and resilience for a small but mighty pup.

Juno – Mythical and commanding, great for a dog with a bold and protective nature.

Kiwi – Quirky and sweet, ideal for an energetic and fun-loving dog.

Layla – Mysterious and melodious, fitting for a dog with an enchanting and gentle demeanor.

Mila – Short and trendy, suitable for a friendly and affectionate puppy.

Nala – Royal and loyal, for a noble dog who acts like a queen.

Olive – Peaceful and classic, great for a calm and soothing presence in your home.

Piper – Peppy and lively, perfect for an energetic dog that loves to play.

Quinn – Strong and unique, suited for a spirited and intelligent dog.

Rosie – Full of life and love, perfect for a sweet and loving puppy.

Skye – Open and airy, ideal for a dog with a free-spirited nature.

Tess – Simple and classic, great for a no-fuss, dependable companion.

Uma – Exotic and intriguing for a pup with a mysterious allure.

Violet – Soft and sweet, perfect for a puppy with a gentle and shy personality.

Small Female Dog Names

Willow – Graceful and flowing, suited for a dog that moves elegantly.

Xena is warrior-like and ideal for a brave and adventurous dog.

Yara – Exotic and beautiful, great for a dog with a strong and regal personality.

Zara – Bright and radiant, fitting for a lively dog that shines in any crowd.

Amber – Warm and inviting for a pup whose presence is comforting and joyful.

Betsy – Quaint and charming, perfect for a sweet-natured, old-fashioned pup.

Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, regal and powerful, for a dog with a commanding presence.

Dotty – Playful and carefree, ideal for a spotty dog or one with a bubbly personality.

Elsie – Soft and cuddly, a great name for a lovable, affectionate puppy.

Freya – Noble and mystical, suits a dog with a majestic and mysterious air.

Goldie – Bright and cheerful, perfect for a golden-haired or spirited dog.

Harper – Musical and rhythmic for a pup that brings harmony and joy.

Iris – Colorful and vibrant, suitable for a dog with a bright and cheerful demeanor.

Small Puppy Names For Male

Jade – Precious and strong, perfect for a valuable and steadfast companion.

Kira – Light and bright, great for a dog with a radiant personality.

Lola – Strong but feminine, ideal for a playful puppy with a big personality.

Macy – Modern and stylish, suited for a trendy and friendly dog.

Nina – Short and sweet, perfect for a small, energetic dog.

Opal – Rare and beautiful, great for a unique and fascinating puppy.

Paisley – Artistic and fun, ideal for a creative and lively dog.

Queenie – Regal and dignified, fitting for a dog that demands respect.

Ruby – Precious and vibrant, perfect for a loving, passionate puppy.

Sasha – Youthful and spirited, great for a playful and energetic dog.

Trixie – Fun and mischievous, suited for a clever and adventurous pup.

Ursula – Strong and bold for a dog with a commanding and authoritative air.

Venice – Romantic and alluring, ideal for a dog with an enchanting personality.

Winnie – Gentle and kind, perfect for a sweet and nurturing puppy.

Yvette – French and chic, suited for a stylish and graceful dog.

Each name carries a vibe and a story destined to match your little girl’s unique traits and personality perfectly. Whether she’s the queen of the dog park or the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet, her name will reflect her identity and your loving bond.

Cute Small Dog Names

Male Small Puppy Names

Remember that moment when you first met your tiny furball? His paws were too big for his body, and that tail just wouldn’t stop wagging.

That’s when you realize he’s not just any puppy—he deserves a name as unique and full of character as he is.

Let’s navigate through a collection of 50 male small puppy names, each bursting with life and personality, helping you find the perfect match for your little guy’s quirks and charms.

Archie – Playful and endearing, perfect for a pup with a happy-go-lucky attitude.

Baxter – Strong and solid, with a touch of old-world charm, ideal for a loyal friend.

Cody – Short and sweet, fits a friendly and approachable puppy.

Dexter – Smart and inventive for a pup who’s always figuring things out.

Eddie – Warm and familiar, suitable for a loving, cuddly dog.

Finn – Adventurous and spirited, great for an energetic little explorer.

Gus – Short and sturdy, a name for a dog with a big personality in a small package.

Hank – Rugged and handsome, perfect for a dog with a strong presence.

Iggy – Fun and funky, ideal for a pup with a zest for life.

Jasper – Wise and serene, he fits a puppy with an old soul.

Kai – Exotic and cool for a trendy dog who’s always in style.

Leo – Bold and regal, suitable for a little leader.

Milo – Sweet and charming, great for a pup who loves to snuggle.

Nico – Chic and sophisticated for a puppy with a sleek style.

Ollie – Happy and energetic, perfect for a pup who loves to play.

Pablo is artistic and unique; he is a creative and curious dog.

Teacup Fluffy Small White Dog

Quincy – Quirky and elegant for a distinguished little gentleman.

Rex – Kingly and strong, ideal for a bold and brave puppy.

Sammy – Friendly and bubbly, perfect for a dog with a pleasant nature.

Toby – Loyal and delightful, great for a faithful companion.

Ulysses – Grand and adventurous for a pup with epic curiosity.

Vince – Strong and powerful, suitable for a puppy with a commanding presence.

Wally – Lovable and unassuming, ideal for a laid-back, easy-going dog.

Xander – Modern and bold, fits a pup with a daring spirit.

Yogi – Wise and calm, great for a thoughtful, observant puppy.

Zeke – Energetic and rugged, perfect for a playful, active pup.

Alfie – Cheerful and friendly, a name for a puppy that’s everyone’s friend.

Bruno – Tough and powerful, suited for a strong, protective dog.

Charlie – Classic and reliable, perfect for a dog you can always count on.

Duke – Noble and dignified, ideal for a pup with a majestic flair.

Elmo – Quirky and adorable for a puppy that brings smiles and laughter.

Frankie – Cool and casual, great for a puppy with a laid-back attitude.

George – Steady and strong for a dependable and trustworthy dog.

Harvey – Bold and charming, perfect for a dog with a dynamic personality.

Dog Names For Small Dogs

Ivan – Strong and historic, ideal for a puppy with a commanding aura.

Jack – All-American and straightforward for a no-nonsense, friendly pup.

Kobe – Sporty and strong, suited for an athletic and energetic dog.

Liam – Gentle and kind, perfect for a sweet-natured puppy.

Mason – Strong and solid, great for a sturdy, reliable dog.

Ned – Short and sweet, ideal for a small dog with a big heart.

Oscar – Playful and kind-hearted, perfect for a loving, cheerful puppy.

Pete – Simple and classic, great for a straightforward, honest pup.

Quinton – Elegant and sophisticated for a refined and graceful dog.

Rudy – Energetic and spirited, ideal for a puppy who is always on the move.

Spike – Edgy and bold, perfect for a pup with a spunky attitude.

Teacup Small Fluffy Dog

Teddy – Cuddly and sweet, great for a lovable, huggable dog.

Urban – Trendy and modern, suited for a cosmopolitan puppy.

Victor – Victorious and strong, ideal for a pup that never gives up.

Winston – Stately and grand, perfect for a dog with a regal demeanor.

York – Historic and noble, great for a puppy with a classic charm.

Each name here not only labels but also tells a story, a snippet of what your puppy is or could aspire to be. As you ponder these choices, think about the adventures you’ll have and the tales you’ll tell with your little companion.

Classic Small Dog Names

Selecting a name for your small dog can be a heartwarming process that cements the bond between you and your new furry friend.

Classic names often resonate with personality traits, physical characteristics, or just the sheer cuteness of your petite pal. Below, find a selection of timeless names, each carrying a distinct flavor that might just capture the essence of your little companion.

Biscuit: A comforting and familiar name, evoking warmth and delight, much like the treat itself.

Peanut: Playful and fun, this name suits a tiny dog with a lively personality.

Button: This button is cute and endearing, perfect for a small dog with a button-like nose or one that’s as adorable as a button.

Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

Pip: Short and sweet, ideal for a small, spirited dog full of energy.

Toto: Famous from ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ideal for a brave and adventurous small dog.

Coco: Elegant and chic, fitting for a stylish pup with a strong personality.

Bean: Simple and lovable, a great match for a tiny dog with a big heart.

Muffin: Sweet and fluffy, suitable for a dog as sweet-natured as it sounds.

Twiggy: For a slender, tiny pup named after the iconic slender model.

Scout: A name that suggests adventure and curiosity, perfect for an exploratory small dog.

Pebble: Ideal for a small, tiny, strong, steady dog.

Sprite: Energetic and whimsical, fitting for a playful, fairy-like dog.

Nugget: A golden name for a small, precious pup.

Unique Small Male Dog Names

Gizmo is perfect for a dog with a quirky personality. It is reminiscent of the adorable character from Gremlins.

Each of these names provides a label for your dog and hints at a story, a character trait, or a physical attribute, enhancing the connection between you and your pet.

Nature-Inspired Names for Small Dogs

Choosing a nature-inspired name for your small dog can connect its energetic and vibrant personality to the serene and timeless beauty of the natural world. Here are additional options that reflect various elements of nature:

Moss is perfect for a dog with a soft, gentle demeanor or a lush coat. It is reminiscent of the velvety layers of moss found in a forest.

Brook: Ideal for a lively, energetic dog, this name captures the essence of a small, babbling brook, constantly moving and full of life.

Leaf: This is suitable for a pet and is as essential and refreshing as the leaves on a tree, symbolizing growth and vitality.

Cedar: Named after the strong, enduring cedar tree, this name fits a noble, steadfast dog with a strong presence.

Dune: Reflects the undulating, soft hills of sand, perfect for a dog exploring wide, open spaces.

Hazel: This color is inspired by the warm, welcoming color of hazel nuts or the color of the eyes, fitting for a dog with a warm and inviting personality.

Small Puppy Names

Sky: Captures the vastness and freedom of the blue sky, suited for a dog with boundless energy and spirit.

Maple: Named after the maple tree, it is known for its beautiful seasonal changes and is suitable for a dog that is as colorful and dynamic.

Wren: After the small, agile bird, this name is perfect for a tiny, lively dog with a musical bark.

Sparrow: Reflects the small but spirited nature of the sparrow bird, ideal for an adventurous and agile dog.

These names celebrate the beauty and resilience found in nature and mirror these qualities in your dog’s personality and appearance, enhancing your special connection.

Food-Inspired Names for Small Dogs

Choosing a name for your small dog inspired by food can add a whimsical and affectionate touch to your pet’s identity, reflecting their delightful personality or delectable appearance. Here are several food-related names, each rich with flavor and charm:

Cupcake: It suits a sweet and delightful dog, mirroring the joy and indulgence of this popular dessert.

Jellybean: Perfect for a colorful and fun dog, full of energy and vibrant spirit.

Muffin: Fits a comforting and warm presence, just like the baked good known for its cozy and satisfying nature.

Cute Dog Names For Small Dogs

Cookie: Ideal for a dog that is as sweet and rewarding as this favorite treat.

Peanut: A great name for a small yet spirited dog, evoking the tiny, beloved legume.

Taco: Captures a zest for life, suitable for a dog with a spicy personality or unique charm.

Olive: This word reflects a dog with a dark, shiny coat or a smooth personality, much like the beloved fruit.

Biscuit: Evokes a sense of warmth and familiarity, perfect for a loyal, dependable dog.

Ginger: Appropriate for a pet with a peppery spirit or a reddish coat, symbolizing the spicy root.

Cinnamon: A name that suggests warmth and a bit of spice, fitting for a dog with a sweet yet aggressive character.

Nutmeg: For a dog that adds a unique, subtle flavor to your life, mirroring the spice’s distinctive taste.

Peach: Perfect for a soft, sweet, and loving dog, just as the fruit is soft and sweet.

Unique Small Dog Names

Taffy is suitable for an adaptable and sweet dog, reminiscent of the candy known for its stretchy, chewy texture.

Waffle: Ideal for a dog that’s as delightful as this breakfast favorite, possibly with a textured coat resembling the grid pattern of a waffle.

Each of these names offers a way to celebrate your dog’s unique qualities through a meaningful and endearing name, enhancing the everyday joy of pet ownership.

Names Inspired by Famous Small Dogs

Drawing inspiration from famous small dogs in film, literature, and other media can provide a rich tapestry of ideas when naming your small dog.

Each name not only recalls the endearing qualities of its original bearer but also adds a touch of storytelling and character to your pet. Here are several examples that celebrate some of the most beloved small dogs from various narratives:

Toto: Known from “The Wizard of Oz,” Toto exemplifies bravery and loyalty, perfect for a small dog with a courageous heart and adventurous spirit.

Pippin: In “The Lord of the Rings,” Pippin is a small but loyal character, making this name suitable for a faithful and cheerful companion.

Bruiser: Featured in “Legally Blonde,” Bruiser is a fashionable and adorable Chihuahua, ideal for a dog with a strong personality and charming demeanor.

Cute Names For Small Puppies

Gizmo: The cute and furry Mogwai from “Gremlins,” this name fits a mischievous and endearing pet, just like the character.

Scrappy: Known from the “Scooby-Doo” franchise, Scrappy-Doo is feisty and energetic, a fitting name for a spirited and fearless little dog.

Milo: From “The Mask,” Milo is an intelligent and brave Jack Russell Terrier, perfect for an energetic and clever dog.

Astro: The family dog in “The Jetsons,” Astro’s name is great for a lovable, slightly clumsy dog that has a knack for getting into heartwarming trouble.

Wishbone: From the television show “Wishbone,” this name suits a curious and imaginative dog, ideal for a pet who is always ready to explore or get involved in adventures.

Einstein: The dog from “Back to the Future,” named after the famous physicist, is perfect for a dog with a wise or timeless nature.

Best Small Dog Names

Zero: Jack Skellington’s ghostly dog in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This name suits a loyal and otherworldly pet, especially one with a gentle demeanor.

These names link your small dog to iconic figures and invite stories and conversations about their namesakes, enriching the pet ownership experience with additional fun and connection.

Playful and Whimsical Names for Small Dogs

Selecting a name that reflects your small dog’s joyful and spirited nature can enhance daily interactions and express its personality. Here are several playful and whimsical names that are perfect for energetic, cheerful, and lively small dogs:

Wiggles: Captures the essence of a small dog brimming with energy and always in motion.

Bubbles: Evokes a dog’s lightness and playful nature, bringing bubbly joy to every room.

Squirt: Ideal for a small, energetic pup full of life and mischief.

Giggles: Perfect for a dog whose cheerful presence and antics bring laughter and happiness.

Cute Puppy Names For Small Dogs

Sparky: Suggests energy and liveliness, fitting for a dog that sparks joy and activity.

Fidget: Suitable for a dog that can’t sit still, always bustling with activity.

Zippy: Reflects speed and energy, ideal for a quick-moving, spirited dog.

Twinkle: Implies a sparkly, bright nature, perfect for a dog with a shiny personality.

Noodle: A fun, affectionate name for a flexible and playful dog.

Bouncer: It fits a dog that loves to jump and bounce around and is full of life.

Mischief: A name that suits a dog who is always up to playful tricks.

Puddle: This is ideal for a dog that loves water or is as cute as a little puddle.

Jellybean: Colorful and sweet, great for a dog with a vibrant and sweet disposition.

Snicker: Implies a sense of humor and mischievousness, ideal for a dog that makes you laugh.

These names capture your pet’s fun and joyful essence and add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your interactions, making every moment with your dog memorable and enjoyable.

Small Dog Breed Names

Small Dog Names by Dog Color

Choosing a name based on your small dog’s coat color can add a personal touch, highlighting their physical appearance. Below are suggestions for names categorized by common coat colors.

Black Dogs

Names for black dogs often draw from their sleek, mysterious, or rich dark coloring.

  1. Shadow: This suits a dog with a dark coat that blends into the shadows.
  2. Midnight: Perfect for a dog with a deep black coat reminiscent of the darkest hour.
  3. Onyx: Named after the black gemstone, it is ideal for a dog with a shiny black coat.
  4. Raven: Reflects a glossy black appearance, similar to the bird.
  5. Jet: Like jet-black, emphasizing a deep, intense black color.

More black dog names.

White Dogs

White dog names can reflect purity, brightness, or the stark beauty of their fur.

  1. Ghost: Apt for a pale dog with a ghostly, ethereal presence.
  2. Snowy: Perfect for a dog with a soft, white coat like fresh snow.
  3. Ivory: Inspired by the smooth, white texture of ivory.
  4. Pearl: Suitable for a dog with a lustrous white coat.
  5. Marshmallow: Fits a fluffy and soft white dog.

More white dog names.

Small Little White Dogs

Brown Dogs

Names for brown dogs often echo earthy tones, warmth, or natural elements.

  1. Chestnut: Ideal for a dog with a rich, warm brown coat.
  2. Hazel: Reflects a light brown or nutty color.
  3. Cocoa: Suitable for a dog with a deep, chocolatey brown color.
  4. Umber: Named after the dark brown pigment, fitting for a darker brown dog.
  5. Biscuit: Perfect for a light brown dog, reminiscent of golden-brown baked goods.

More brown dog names.

Black and White Dogs

Choosing names for black and white small dogs often involves drawing inspiration from their distinctive coat patterns, which might remind you of objects, animals, or concepts associated with these colors.

  1. Oreo: This name is popular for black and white dogs because it mirrors the iconic cookie’s coloring—perfect for a dog with clearly defined black and white patches.
  2. Panda: Inspired by the panda bear, this name suits a small dog with large patches of black around the eyes or ears, emphasizing their gentle and adorable nature.
  3. Domino: Reflecting the black and white pieces in the game of dominoes, this name is ideal for a dog with a pattern with small, evenly spaced black spots over a white coat.
  4. Checkers: Drawing from the checkerboard pattern, this name fits a dog whose black and white fur is interspersed in a blocky or checkered pattern, adding a playful twist.
  5. Patches: Patches are a fitting name for a dog with random or patchy spots of black and white, suggesting a quilt-like pattern unique to each animal.

More black and white dog names.

Best Dog Names For Small Dogs

Blue Dogs

Bluecoat colors are rare and can inspire names that reflect this unique shade.

  1. Azure captures the beauty of a blue sky, making it suitable for a dog with hints of blue in its coat.
  2. Cobalt: Named after the vibrant blue pigment, it is ideal for a dog with a rich blue coat.
  3. Sapphire: Reflects a brilliant blue tone, perfect for a striking blue dog.
  4. Sky: Suits a dog with a light or silvery-blue coat.
  5. Indigo: For a dog with deep blue undertones in their coat.

More blue dog names.

Red Dogs

Red or reddish dogs can have fiery, vibrant names or reflect their rich color.

  1. Ruby: Perfect for a dog with a deep red coat.
  2. Copper: Ideal for a dog with shiny reddish-brown fur.
  3. Scarlet: Reflects a vibrant, bold red hue.
  4. Cherry: Suitable for a bright red or cherry-colored dog.
  5. Fox is a great dog name with a reddish tone similar to a fox.

More red dog names.

Grey Dogs

Grey dogs can be named after elements that match their coat’s sleek or silvery tones.

  1. Ash: Perfect for a dog with a light grey or ash-colored coat.
  2. Smoke: Suitable for a dog with a smoky grey hue.
  3. Steel: Reflects steel’s shiny, strong nature, ideal for a silver-grey dog.
  4. Pewter: Named after the metal, fitting for a dark grey dog.
  5. Mist: Captures the softness of a grey coat, like morning mist.

These names not only match the coat color of your small dog but also enhance their personality, making every call a reflection of their unique beauty and character.

Dog Names For Small Dogs Female

Selecting the right name for your small dog can enhance its personality and make interactions more meaningful. Here, we explore suitable names for several popular small dog breeds, reflecting their unique characteristics and temperaments.

Chihuahua Names

Chihuahuas are known for their tiny stature and big personalities, often being vigilant, spirited, and expressive.

  1. Pixie: Perfect for a tiny, playful Chihuahua with a magical charm.
  2. Nacho: A fun, quirky name that captures the Mexican roots of the breed.
  3. Pebbles: Suitable for a small and feisty Chihuahua, much like the small but tough pebbles.
  4. Diva: Reflects a Chihuahua’s confident and dominant personality.
  5. Tico: A short and sweet name, ideal for the diminutive size of this breed.
Best Small Puppy Names

Yorkshire Terrier Names

Yorkshire Terriers are small in size but big in attitude, often very active, protective, and affectionate.

  1. Duchess: For a Yorkie with a regal and dignified demeanor.
  2. Sparky: Reflects the lively and spirited nature of these little dogs.
  3. Bramble: Suits a Yorkie’s adventurous spirit and tenacity.
  4. Coco: Chic and classy, perfect for a stylish dog.
  5. Finn: Captures the bold and brave character of the breed.

Pomeranian Names

Pomeranians are fluffy, vibrant, and have an extroverted personality, making them excellent companions.

  1. Fluffy: Emphasizes their plush, voluminous coat.
  2. Mischief: Perfect for a Pom known for their playful and curious antics.
  3. Gizmo: Fits a dog that is as cute and endearing as the toy-like creature.
  4. Bella: Beautiful and elegant, matching the breed’s regal posture.
  5. Teddy: Ideal for a Pomeranian’s cuddly and soft appearance.
Female Puppy Names For Small Dogs

Maltese Names

Maltese are gentle and affectionate, known for their luxurious white coats and loving nature.

  1. Cloud: Reflects their soft and pristine fur.
  2. Angel: Perfect for their sweet and gentle temperament.
  3. Pearl: For a precious dog with a coat as white and lustrous as pearls.
  4. Button: Cute and small, suitable for a tiny Maltese.
  5. Seraph: Denotes their delicate and angelic quality.

Shih Tzu Names

Shih Tzus are known for their beautiful coat and friendly disposition, making them cherished lap dogs.

  1. Emperor: This reflects their origins in Chinese royalty.
  2. Lion: Suitable for their lion-like face and mane.
  3. Cuddles: Perfect for a dog that loves affection and closeness.
  4. Chewie: A fun name for a Shih Tzu with a playful bite.
  5. Muffin: Sweet and lovable, just like the breed itself.

Dachshund Names

Dachshunds are curious and lively with long bodies, known for their brave and tenacious nature.

  1. Dash: Reflects their energetic and fast-moving spirit.
  2. Slinky: A nod to their unique, elongated body shape.
  3. Boomer: Captures their loud and boisterous bark.
  4. Nugget: Small and valuable, just like this beloved breed.
  5. Hunter: Highlights their original purpose as fierce hunters.

Pug Names

Pugs are charming, loving, and known for their distinctive, expressive faces and stocky build.

  1. Mochi: Soft and sweet, like this treat, it is fitting for the soft, squishy face of a Pug.
  2. Buddy: A friendly and approachable name for this companionable breed.
  3. Tank: Suits their sturdy and somewhat robust physique.
  4. Peanut: Cute and tiny, ideal for a small, loveable Pug.
  5. Gizmo: Because of their unique, almost gremlin-like cute facial features.
Female Small Puppy Names

Poodle Names

Poodles are intelligent, elegant, and known for their curly, hypoallergenic coats. They come in various sizes and often exude a graceful demeanor.

  1. Velvet: Reflects the luxurious and smooth texture of their coat.
  2. Baron: For their dignified and stately manner.
  3. Coco: Chic and stylish, perfect for an elegant Poodle.
  4. Percy: Short for “Perseverance,” suitable for their intelligent and determined nature.
  5. Bijou: This means “jewel” in French, which is ideal for a precious and prized pet.

Papillon Names

Papillons are known for their large, butterfly-like ears and lively spirit, making them delightful, energetic companions.

  1. Flutter: Inspired by their butterfly-like ears and light, lively energy.
  2. Pixie: For their delicate and magical appearance.
  3. Echo: Reflects their alert and responsive personality.
  4. Merry: Perfect for their cheerful and spirited demeanor.
  5. Breeze: Captures their light, airy nature, and effortless grace.
Black Small Dog Names

Boston Terrier Names

Boston Terriers are friendly, compact, and have a tuxedo-like coat pattern that often gives them a distinguished look.

  1. Oreo: For their black and white coat that resembles the popular cookie.
  2. Spats reflect the distinct white markings on their paws that resemble old-fashioned spats.
  3. Beacon: Symbolizes their role as an excellent companion and guide.
  4. Dapper: For their neat, polished appearance and charming personality.
  5. Rookie is a fun, sporty name suitable for the “American Gentleman” breed.

French Bulldog Names

French Bulldogs have large bat-like ears, a powerful little body, and a very affectionate nature.

  1. Bruiser: Popularized by the “Legally Blonde” movies, perfect for their sturdy build and strong character.
  2. Frenchie: A nod to their origins, simple and endearing.
  3. Croissant: Playfully reflects their French heritage and their curled-up, comfy sleeping posture.
  4. Bash: Suits their bold and impactful presence.
  5. Tug: Ideal for their strong, muscular physique and playful nature.
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Corgi Names

Corgis are known for their short stature, long bodies, and herding background. They are full of energy and intelligence.

  1. Stumpy: A light-hearted reference to their notably short legs.
  2. Waffle: Cute and whimsical, fitting for their tan and fluffy coat.
  3. Ranger: Highlights their heritage as herders and protectors.
  4. Biscuit: Warm and delightful, much like their friendly and affectionate personality.
  5. Scoot: Describes their quick, scurrying movements, especially during play.

These names match the physical and personality traits of each breed and enhance the special bond between the dog and its owner, making everyday interactions more enjoyable and meaningful.

Unusual and Wild Names for Small Dogs

Selecting your small dog’s unusual or wild name can reflect its unique personality or striking appearance. These names often break from tradition and add a layer of intrigue and character to your pet. Here are various options that stand out and may resonate with the distinctive traits of your furry companion:

Zephyr: Symbolizes a gentle, wandering breeze, ideal for a fast-moving or spirited dog.

Brown Small Dog Names

Quasar: Inspired by the astronomical term for a brilliant object in space, fitting for a dog with a vibrant or energetic personality.

Mystic: Perfect for a dog with an enigmatic or mysterious demeanor.

Kaleidoscope: Reflects various colors and patterns, suitable for a dog with a multicolored coat or a vibrant personality.

Vortex: Implies a dynamic and powerful force, great for a small dog with a strong presence.

Gambit: Evokes a sense of strategy and bold moves, ideal for a clever, tactical dog.

Tempest: Suitable for a dog with a stormy, fierce temperament or untamed spirit.

Nebula: Named after the diffuse cloud in space, perfect for a dog with a soft, fluffy coat or a dreamy personality.

Rogue: Captures a sense of independence and unconventionality, great for a dog that doesn’t fit the usual mold.

Echo: Fits a dog whose presence or bark leaves a lasting impression.

These names are designed to capture the essence of dogs that don’t just blend into the crowd but bring something remarkably distinct to the table, enhancing their individuality and the joy they bring to your life.

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Names Meaning “Small,” “Little,” “Short,” and “Tiny” in Other Languages

Selecting a name for your petite pup that reflects its size can be unique and meaningful. Below, you’ll find translations for words like “small,” “little,” “short,” and “tiny” from a variety of languages presented in English transcription. These can serve as distinctive and charming names for your small dog.

European Languages


Scandinavian and Baltic Languages

Cool Dog Names For Small Dogs

More European Languages

Albaniani vogelvogelushi shkurteri vogel

Asian Languages

Chinesexiaoxiao xiaoduanwei xiao
Hindichhotachhotuchhotabahut chhota
Arabicsagheersaghir jiddaanqaseerda’eef
Vietnamesenhobe nhonganti hon
Malaykecilkecilpendeksangat kecil
Nicknames For Small Dogs

African and Other Languages

Amharictinshtinshachirtinsh new
Somaliyaryar yargaaban
Igbontanta ntamkpumkpu

Each of these names, derived from translations of words denoting small size, offers a unique flavor for naming your dog, imbuing it with cultural richness and personal significance. Whether your pup is as playful as a “Kucuk” or as bold as a “Maly,” these names can reflect their size and your affection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good tiny dog names?

Good tiny dog names often emphasize the dog’s small stature or adorable personality. Names like Pixie, Elf, Bean, Mite, and Pebble are popular choices, as they capture the essence of something small and endearing.

What are cute, rare, small dog names?

Consider less common options with a unique twist for cute, rare small dog names. Names like Quinoa, Nixie, Thimble, Cameo, and Fable stand out due to their uniqueness and whimsical nature, making them perfect for a small dog with a distinct personality.

What are good names for small male dogs?

Good names for small male dogs can reflect their dynamic personality or dapper looks. Popular choices include Gus, Milo, Teddy, Otis, and Finn. These short and catchy names resonate well with the lively or affectionate traits often found in small male dogs.

What is a cute name for a tiny puppy?

A cute name for a tiny puppy should be sweet and simple, reflecting the puppy’s diminutive size and adorable nature. Binky is an excellent choice, evoking a sense of smallness and affection, perfect for a tiny, cuddly puppy.

What is a creative small dog name?

Consider unique elements or concepts outside the typical name choices for a creative small dog name. Pixel is an innovative name that suggests something small yet significant, fitting for a small dog with a striking or colorful personality.

What do you call a small dog?

A small dog can be called by various names that reflect its size and charm. Common terms include pup, mini, munchkin, or simply small dog. These names affectionately acknowledge the dog’s size in a friendly, endearing way.

What are 4 letter puppy names?

Four-letter puppy names are simple and easy to remember, making them ideal for training and everyday use. Popular four-letter names include Luna, Jack, Blue, and Zoey. Each offers a distinct sound and personality trait that can suit various puppy types.

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