Best Red Dog Names: Unique & Memorable Picks for Your Red-Haired Puppy

The Allure of Red Dog Names

Ever seen a red sunset that stops you in your tracks? Something about red captures our gaze and holds it, whether painting the sky or adorning a spirited pup.

For dog owners, choosing from a palette of red dog names isn’t just about the hue; it’s about tapping into a vibrant, full-of-life energy.

Red is more than just a color—it’s a statement. Think of the fiery personality of a small Dachshund or the regal poise of an Irish Setter, their coats a cascade of reds that range from deep mahogany to bright, sizzling ginger.

Choosing a name like “Ruby” or “Scarlet” isn’t just about the obvious color match—it’s about picking a name that reflects their fiery spirits and heartwarming presence.

Red Dog Names
Red Dog Names

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Why do red dogs captivate us so?

Psychology tells us that red is a passion, intensity, and action color. Names like “Blaze” or “Phoenix” resonate well with breeds known for their boundless energy and courageous hearts.

It’s as if the name powers their playful sprints and daring escapades. Moreover, red often symbolizes love and warmth, qualities every dog lover cherishes deeply in their furry companions.

Incorporating elements from nature where red stands out—like “Cherry,” “Crimson,” or “Rose”—connects your dog’s name to the wider natural tapestry, echoing the beauty of the world they love to explore.

Each walk through the park becomes a little homage to that bond between nature and your red-coated friend.

What’s in a Name? – Choosing the Right Fit

Picking the perfect name for your red dog is like writing a personal song for them. It’s about harmony—between the name, the breed, and your unique lifestyle.

Whether it’s the best red dog names that roll off the tongue during training or those that reflect your dog’s majestic, larger-than-life persona, each choice weaves deeper into your shared story.

Tailoring the name to fit perfectly

How do you know if a name fits just right? Start by considering your dog’s breed and personality. A boisterous, playful breed might wear “Sparky” or “Ginger” well, while a more serene, protective breed could embody the dignity of “Mahogany” or “Copper.”

Think about the sounds in the name, too. Dogs generally respond better to names with one or two syllables—snappy and easily recognizable in a bustling dog park.

Practicality plays a role as well. How does it feel to call out their name? Does it stand out in a crowd?

You might love the name “Merlot” for its classy touch and nod to a deep red wine, perfect for a dog with a luxurious, velvety coat. Or maybe “Pepper,” suggesting a sprinkle of red and a personality spiced with cheeky charm.

Every name tells a story; with the right one, your red dog will have a personal identifier and a little piece of their saga every time their name is called.

From “Rusty,” hinting at an old soul with a heart of gold, to “Flame,” for the dog whose spirit is as unquenchable as fire, your choice will enhance the bond you share, making every call, every shout, a reaffirmation of your connection.

Female Red Dog Names

Remember the first time you saw her? That little bundle of fur with the fiery red coat just seemed to glow with a life of its own.

Naming her becomes not just a task but a joyful ceremony to match her vibrant hue and spirited personality.

Here, we explore fifty female red dog names, each with a flavor and a backstory, as if they were crafted just for your feisty lady.

Amber – Like the warm, golden resin, it is perfect for a dog with a soft, glowing red coat.

Autumn – Evoking the rich, warm tones of fall, ideal for a calm and soothing presence.

Blaze – For the dog whose energy burns bright and never seems to fade.

Burgundy – Deep and rich, just like the wine, suited for a noble and refined canine.

Carmine – A hint of deep red with a touch of sophistication.

Cherry – Sweet and bright for the dog, bringing joy with every entrance.

Cinnamon – Spicy and warm, perfect for a pup with a bit of sass in her step.

Coral – Soft yet vibrant for the dog that has a gentle strength.

Crimson – Deep and vivid, signaling a dog with a robust and lively personality.

Dahlia – After the flower with intricate petals, fitting for a complex and beautiful dog.

Ember – For a dog whose spirit smolders with a quiet intensity.

Fiona – Meaning ‘white, fair,’ ironic, and cute for a red dog with a bright personality.

Flame – For the firecracker pup, always full of life and energy.

Garnet – Dark and mysterious for a dog with a dignified and majestic air.

Ginger – Zesty and lively, the dog is always up for adventure.

Hazel – Earthy and warm for a dog that grounds you with her loyalty.

Heather – After the resilient moorland plant, suitable for a dog who loves the outdoors.

Henna – After the natural dye’s distinctive red shade, it is perfect for an artistic spirit.

Holly – Bright and festive for the dog, which is the life of every party.

Jasper – Sturdy and earthy, reflecting endurance and natural beauty.

Maple – Sweet and strong, like the tree known for its stunning fall color.

Marigold – Bright and cheerful, bringing light into every room she enters.

Merlot – Smooth and sophisticated for a dog with a plush, velvety coat.

Paprika – Spicy and vibrant for the dog that adds flavor to your life.

Peony – Bold and beautiful, reflecting grace and a touch of class.

Pepper – Snappy and spirited for the lively pup that spices up your days.

Poppy – Vivid and youthful for a dog full of fun and energy.

Radish – Quirky and fresh for the dog with a personality that surprises and delights.

Raspberry – Tangy and sweet for a dog with a dual nature of mischief and affection.

Rose – Classic and elegant for the beauty that has captured your heart.

Rosie – Friendly and warm for a dog that’s everyone’s best friend.

Ruby is precious and treasured, reflecting your value and love for her.

Lava – Fiery and powerful for a dog with a strong, forceful personality.

Saffron – Exotic and unique for a dog that stands out from the pack.

Salsa – Spicy and lively for the dog that dances into every heart.

Scarlet – Bold and striking for a dog that never fails to make a statement.

Sienna – Warm and earthy, suggesting a deep connection to nature.

Sorrel – Light, zesty, and fun for a dog that’s always cheerful.

Sunset – Radiant and inspiring for a dog that ends every day beautifully.

Terra – Latin for ‘earth,’ grounding and strong, perfect for a sturdy, dependable pet.

Tulip – Bright and springy for a dog that rejuvenates your spirit.

Twizzler – Sweet and twisty for a dog that’s full of surprises.

Valentine – Loving and heartfelt for a dog that is your true companion.

Vermilion – Vivid and powerful for a dog with a commanding presence.

Vixen – Sly and cunning for a clever dog with a bit of mystery.

Willow – Graceful and flowing for a dog that moves with beauty and poise.

Winnie – Short for ‘wine,’ cozy and endearing, for a comforting presence.

Zinnia – Bright and attractive for a dog that stands tall and proud.

Ruby – Jewel-like and precious, a classic that’s always in style.

Scarlet – Vibrant and full of life, just like her.

Choosing the right name is just the beginning of your journey together. Each name carries a story, a personality, a little life of its own, waiting to become part of your dog’s story.

As you call her by name, whether it’s “Coral” by the sea or “Maple” in the woods, you’re not just naming her but inviting her into the legends you’ll tell for years. So, pick the one that sings to your heart, and let the adventures begin!

Male Red Dog Names

Picture this: a crisp autumn morning, leaves crunching underfoot, and there he is—your new four-legged friend with a coat as fiery as the season.

He looks up with eyes full of mischief and loyalty. The challenge is finding a name that captures his vibrant spirit and fiery hue.

Let’s dive into fifty male red dog names, each with character and charm, perfect for your new buddy.

Acer – Named after the maple tree, perfect for a dog with a bright, fiery coat.

Blaze – A name that screams energy and spirit, just like his playful personality.

Brick – Solid and dependable, with a hint of urban toughness.

Cedar – Earthy and robust for a dog as sturdy as a tree.

Chili – Spicy and vibrant, he adds a kick to your daily life.

Clay – Strong and earthy, ideal for a grounded, loyal companion.

Clifford – After the big red dog, a classic choice for a gentle giant.

Copper – With a coat shining like metal, he’s as handsome as he is loving.

Crimson – Bold and majestic, a name for a pack leader.

Ember – For the dog with a warm glow and curiosity.

Fennec – Like the desert fox, perfect for a clever, quick-witted pup.

Flint – Sparky and lively, he ignites joy wherever he goes.

Fox – Cunning and bright for a dog with a quick mind and agile moves.

Garnet – Deep and rich, this gemstone name suits a dignified dog.

Gilroy – Suggesting a royal bearing with a touch of old-world charm.

Harvest – For a dog born in the autumn or one who loves the outdoors.

Hawthorn – Named after the tree with fiery berries for a protective dog.

Heath – A nod to the moorland, perfect for a rugged, spirited dog.

Jasper – As the gemstone for a dog with a calm yet striking presence.

Ketchup – Playful and ubiquitous for the dog everyone loves.

Russet – Earthy and robust for a reliable companion dog.

Leo – Regal and brave, a fitting name for a bold and noble dog.

Loki – Mischievous and clever, ideal for a dog who’s always up to tricks.

Mars – After the red planet, for a dog with out-of-this-world charisma.

Merlot – Smooth and deep, a sophisticated name for a classy dog.

Oakley – Strong and reliable, like the tree, and ideal for a faithful dog.

Phoenix – Mythical and reborn from ashes for a dog with a miraculous comeback story.

Pirate – Adventurous and daring for a dog with a bold, roguish charm.

Radish – Quirky and fresh for a dog with a unique and lovable personality.

Ranger – For the explorer, always ready for a new adventure.

Reed – Slender and flexible, perfect for a dog that moves with grace.

Robin – After the red-breasted bird, cheerful and spirited.

Rocco – Strong and sturdy, with a touch of rock’n’roll.

Rogan – Suggesting a red-headed spirit, vibrant and full of life.

Rory – Gaelic for “red king,” noble and grand.

Rowan – After the tree with red berries, symbolizing protection and strength.

Rusty – Charming and vintage, like a beloved old car with a reddish hue.

Sable – Dark and mysterious for a dog with a profound and intriguing aura.

Saffron – Exotic and valuable for a rare and precious pet.

Scorpio – Intense and passionate, perfect for a dog with a powerful presence.

Sienna – Warm and earthy, reflecting the iron-rich soil.

Sorrel – Light and zesty, ideal for a lively and cheerful dog.

Spartan – Strong and noble, a name with ancient warrior echoes.

Sullivan – “Eyes like a hawk,” fitting for a keen, alert dog.

Sunny – Bright and optimistic for a dog that lights up every room.

Tiger – Fierce and majestic for a bold and fearless dog.

Titian – The painter is known for his red tones, which are artistic and vibrant.

Tod – Like the fox from The Fox and the Hound, crafty and beloved.

Valentino – Romantic and charming for the dog that has stolen your heart.

Vulcan – After the god of fire, for a dog with a fiery spirit and indomitable will.

Each name carries more than just a label; it reflects a part of his essence, a flicker of his soul. Whether he’s a “Leo,” commanding and brave, or a “Chili,” spicing up your days, the name you choose will be a daily reminder of his unique character.

Let these names inspire you, and remember, the perfect one will click just like the moment you knew he was the one.

Red Puppy Names by Breed

Choosing the perfect name for your red-coated dog can reflect their breed’s unique traits and your taste. Below, we explore five fitting names for each of the nine popular dog breeds known for their red hues.

Golden Retriever

  • Amber: Reflects their warm, golden tones and friendly nature.
  • Sunny: Perfect for their cheerful demeanor and shiny coat.
  • Autumn: Captures the golden-red shades of their fur, reminiscent of autumn leaves.
  • Goldie: A classic choice that mirrors their golden-red coat.
  • Harvest: Evokes the richness and abundance that their presence brings.


  • Copper: Suitable for Pitbulls with a reddish-brown hue, reflecting their strong yet warm nature.
  • Blaze: Emphasizes their fiery spirit and strong personality.
  • Rusty: Perfect for Pitbulls with a darker red coat, highlighting their gritty and robust nature.
  • Chili: Reflects their spicy, vibrant character.
  • Scarlet: Captures the boldness and intensity of their presence.

Irish Setter

  • Mahogany: Mirrors the deep, rich red color of their coat.
  • Rory: Gaelic for “red king,” fitting for this regal, red-haired breed.
  • Sienna: Inspired by the earthy red-brown color, perfect for their elegant appearance.
  • Flannery: Means red-haired in Irish, a direct nod to their distinctive coat.
  • Ember: Suggests the soft glow of their warm, red fur.


  • Fox: For Labs with a redder tint, capturing their cunning and agility.
  • Maple: Reflects this breed’s sweet and strong nature and a color match to their coat.
  • Ruby: Precious and eye-catching, just like their lovable disposition.
  • Ginger: A playful name that suits their lively personality and hints at their coat color.
  • Cider: Warm and comforting, perfect for a friendly Labrador.

Australian Shepherd

  • Merlot: A sophisticated name that reflects their coat’s deep, wine-like shades.
  • Rusty: Fits their red coat’s earthy tones and rugged, reliable traits.
  • Jasper: Represents the natural beauty and resilience of this active breed.
  • Phoenix: Symbolic of rebirth and vibrancy, matching their energetic spirit.
  • Crimson: Bold and striking, highlighting their dynamic presence.


  • Penny: Cute and coppery, just like their charming little selves.
  • Cinnamon: Spicy and sweet, mirroring their sassy but loving personality.
  • Hazel: A soft, earthy name that matches their gentle eyes and coat.
  • Chester: Traditional and cozy, reflecting their loving and loyal nature.
  • Brandy: Warm and mellow, perfect for their soothing temperament.

Australian Cattle Dog

  • Clay: Earthy and strong, reflecting their work ethic and robust build.
  • Ranger: A rugged name for this hardworking and adventurous breed.
  • Outback: Reflective of their Australian roots and red desert colors.
  • Sorrel: Named after a plant with reddish-green leaves, suitable for their active nature.
  • Reef: Symbolizing the natural wonders of Australia, matching their vibrant energy.


  • Cedar: Strong and enduring, just like this hardy breed.
  • Aspen: Cool and majestic, reflecting their noble and striking appearance.
  • Tundra: Represents their resilience and the stark beauty of their origins.
  • Flare: Captures their fiery spirit and the distinctive markings of their coat.
  • Russet: Earthy and robust, a name as solid as their personality.


  • Velvet: Luxurious and smooth, suitable for their elegant and refined look.
  • Burgundy: Deep and sophisticated, just like their dignified and graceful demeanor.
  • Rosé: Light and fashionable, reflecting their chic nature.
  • Carmine: A name that’s as exotic and vibrant as their personality.
  • Cherry: Bright and charming, fitting for their delightful and lively character.

Each name reflects the essence of the breed’s characteristics and the vivid red hues of its coats, giving your dog’s identity a personal touch.

Names Meaning “Red” in Other Languages

Below are tables containing translations of the word “Red” in the 50 most common languages, organized into groups of 10 for clarity.

Iranian PersianGhermez

This compilation provides a linguistic view of how diverse cultures perceive and verbalize red, reflecting linguistic uniqueness and cultural significance.

Nature-Inspired Names

Imagine walking your dog in a lush, green forest. Now and then, the sunlight catches her vibrant red coat, setting it ablaze against the cool greens around her.

Moments like these remind us why choosing a nature-inspired name can perfectly capture the essence of your dog’s spirit and beauty.

Here’s a collection of nature-inspired names that mirror the earthy and elemental qualities of the world, specially tailored for dogs with red fur.

Ruby: Think of how a ruby glimmers under the sun—a gemstone known for its undying luster and deep red color. Just like this precious stone, the name “Ruby” reflects her sparkling charm and the striking beauty of her red coat.

Scarlett: This name evokes images of deep red fabrics worn by nobility throughout history, signifying boldness and an indomitable spirit. “Scarlett” is perfect for a dog who stands out in the crowd, her fiery red coat a banner of her robust and passionate nature.

Ember: Softly glowing embers are the last to wink out in a dying fire, carrying the memory of warmth and light. “Ember” is ideal for a spirited pup whose warmth and light brighten every room, her coat reminiscent of the fire’s last, powerful glow.

Crimson: Deep, rich, and enveloping—crimson describes a shade of red that is almost tangible in its depth. Naming your dog “Crimson” reflects the luxurious depth of her red fur and the regal aura she carries with her.

Maple: Drawing from the autumnal color of maple leaves, this name is perfect for a dog whose coat mirrors those glorious reds and oranges. “Maple” is a sweet, sturdy name that speaks to heart and heritage, echoing the timeless beauty of nature.

Cherry: Bright and cheerful, “Cherry” is a name bursting with life, perfect for a dog whose playful and exuberant spirit is as vivid as her red coat. It’s a name that’s as fun to call out as memorable.

Rose: Symbolic of beauty and grace, “Rose” is a classic choice that suits any red dog. It reflects her personality’s elegance and layered depth, much like the layers of a rose petal.

Garnet: Like the gemstone, “Garnet” signifies a deep, almost mystical red. It’s a name that suggests the color and the enduring quality of your dog’s spirit and loyalty.

Rowan: Inspired by the rowan tree, known for its fiery red berries, this name is rooted in folklore and mysticism. “Rowan” is suited for a dog that seems touched by a bit of the wild, magical world.

Sienna: Derived from the earthy pigment known for its rich, red-brown hue, “Sienna” is perfect for dogs with a warmer red coat. It evokes a sense of earthiness and grounding, ideal for a reliable, steadfast companion.

Each name isn’t just a label but reflects nature’s most profound palette. Whether your dog is as spirited as “Cherry” or as regal as “Crimson,” these names offer a way to honor the natural world that inspires us daily.

Choose one that resonates with your heart, and watch as it becomes a natural extension of your furry friend’s identity.

Food-Inspired Names

When naming your red dog, why not draw inspiration from the flavors and colors of the culinary world? Each name listed here connects your pup’s vibrant personality or coat with delicious food items that echo their zest, warmth, or sweetness.

Cherry: Like the fruit, this name is sweet and summery, perfect for a pup with a bright and cheerful demeanor.

Paprika: This choice is as spicy and flavorful as the spice itself, ideal for a dog with a bold and spirited personality.

Cinnamon: Evocative of warmth and rich aroma, this name suits a dog whose presence fills the room with comfort and spice.

Pepper: Perfect for a zesty and lively pup, this name captures the essence of energy and pep.

Ginger: Sharp and spicy; Ginger is a great name for an energetic dog with a spicy kick in her personality.

Coco: Short for cocoa, this name fits a sweet dog with a deep, warm coat that reminds you of chocolate.

Biscuit: Ideal for a comforting and loyal dog, just like the favorite comfort food.

Mocha: For a dog whose coat has dark, coffee-like tones mixed with hints of red or for a lively dog with a bubbly personality.

Saffron: Named after one of the most precious spices, this name is perfect for a valuable and unique pup.

Merlot: Like the wine, this name suggests richness and depth suited to a dignified dog with a smooth personality.

Each food-inspired name reflects the color and character of your dog and adds a playful and tasty twist to the joy of naming your new companion.

Shades of Red

Selecting a name based on the shades of red can connect your dog’s name to the rich and diverse palette of nature, art, and everyday life. Each name here reflects a different red tone and character, celebrating this bold color’s unique aspects.

Brick: Earthy and grounded, this name suits a dog with a strong, dependable nature, mirroring the solid and reliable material.

Copper: Strong, beautiful, and resilient. Copper is an ideal name for a dog with a gleaming reddish coat that shines like metal.

Ginger: Lively and vibrant, Ginger is a perfect match for an energetic and spirited dog with a bright, fiery personality.

Rusty: Reflecting reddish-brown hues, Rusty is a name that fits a dog with a deep, warm coloration and a timeless, classic appeal.

Scarlet: Bold and striking, Scarlet is a name that commands attention and is suitable for a dog with a dazzling and dynamic presence.

Crimson: Deep and rich, Crimson evokes a sense of luxury and depth, ideal for a noble dog with a majestic aura.

Ruby: Precious and eye-catching. Ruby is a name that reflects the rarity and beauty of your dog’s red coat.

Siena: Named after the earthy pigment, Siena is perfect for a dog with a softer, more muted red tone. It embodies warmth and natural beauty.

These names highlight the beauty and diversity of red shades and add a meaningful layer to your dog’s identity, celebrating the unique color that makes them stand out.

Pop Culture References

Naming your dog after a pop culture reference adds a touch of fun and a personal connection to a character or icon you love.

Each name suggested here is derived from well-known figures or symbols in popular media, particularly associated with the color red or embodying a vibrant personality.

Elmo: Playful and iconic, this name is perfect for a friendly and cheerful dog, much like the beloved character from Sesame Street.

Weasley: A nod to the red-haired family from Harry Potter, Weasley is ideal for a loyal and courageous dog, embodying the family’s distinct traits.

Flash: Like the comic book hero, Flash represents speed and agility, suitable for a fast-moving, energetic dog.

Ladybug: Cute and whimsical, Ladybug fits a small, charming dog with a playful and endearing nature.

Ariel: Inspired by the red-haired mermaid in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel is great for a curious and adventurous dog.

Phoenix: The name Phoenix comes from the mythological bird known for rebirth and fiery plumage. It is a powerful name for a resilient and spirited dog.

Carmen: After Carmen Sandiego, the mysterious and clever character in the red coat, this name suits an intelligent and elusive dog.

Robin: Reflecting the vibrant, red-breasted bird or perhaps even Batman’s sidekick, Robin is a lively and dependable name.

Merida: From Pixar’s “Brave,” this name is perfect for an independent and strong-willed dog, much like the fiery-haired princess.

Pepper: Inspired by Pepper Potts from the Marvel universe, this name suits a smart, resourceful dog who’s always ready to assist.

These pop culture-inspired names bring a sense of familiarity and creativity to naming your dog, each carrying a story or attribute that might reflect your dog’s personality or appearance.

Unique Adjectives

Choosing a name based on unique adjectives can capture the essence of your dog’s appearance and personality, reflecting distinctive traits or characteristics through vivid and descriptive language.

Each name listed below is derived from an adjective that resonates with unique qualities, making your dog stand out.

Velvet: Luxurious and soft, Velvet suits a dog with a sleek, smooth coat and a dignified, graceful demeanor.

Fuchsia: Vibrant and eye-catching, Fuchsia is a fitting name for a lively dog with a pop personality and a coat that turns heads.

Azure: Deep and calm, Azure reflects a serene and majestic quality suitable for a dog with a soothing presence.

Sable: Dark and mysterious, Sable is perfect for a dog with a deep, rich coat and an enigmatic personality.

Tawny: Warm and golden, Tawny is ideal for a dog with a lighter, reddish coat and a sunny disposition.

Jade: Cool and precious. Jade suits a rare and treasured dog with a calm and stabilizing influence.

Marigold: Sunny and cheerful, Marigold fits a dog whose friendly and optimistic nature is as bright as the flower.

These names describe physical traits and imbue your dog with a sense of individuality and flair, enhancing their identity with every call of their name.

Fun and Playful Names

When choosing a name for your dog, opting for something fun and playful can capture the joy and vibrancy of their personality. Below are names that embody a sense of whimsy and delight, perfect for a dog who brings a smile to everyone they meet.

Fireball: Energetic and full of life, Fireball is an ideal name for a dog who is always on the move and radiates excitement.

Rufus: Classic and charming, Rufus has a timeless appeal. It is suitable for a dog with a friendly and lovable nature.

Roja: Spanish for red, Roja is a vibrant and colorful name that highlights the striking hue of your dog’s coat.

Twizzler: Quirky and delightful, Twizzler is a great choice for a dog with a playful spirit and personality that is as fun as candy.

Sparky: Bright and lively. Sparky is perfect for a dog whose energetic and spirited demeanor lights up a room.

Bubbles: Light-hearted and bubbly, Bubbles suits a dog whose cheerful and effervescent personality is contagious.

Zippy: Fast and energetic. Zippy is a fitting name for a dog who zips around with boundless energy.

Giggles: Giggles are cheerful and amusing. They are ideal for a dog who is always in a good mood and makes others laugh.

Freckle: Cute and endearing, Freckle is a sweet name for a dog with a speckled coat or a playful, charming nature.

Each name reflects a fun and lively attribute, making them perfect for a dog who is not just a pet but a source of joy and entertainment in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good name for a red dog?

Rusty is an ideal name for a red dog, invoking the reddish-brown hue of rust, which often matches the warm tones in their fur.

What are cute rare red dog names?

Names like Auburn, reflecting the reddish-brown hair color, or Carmine, a deep red color, are cute and less common.

Red is a popular and straightforward name for red dogs, often chosen for its simplicity and direct connection to their coat color.

Copper is a common name for red dogs, highlighting their shiny, reddish coat similar to the metal.

What was Red Dog’s name?

The famous Red Dog from the Pilbara region of Australia was named Tally Ho. He became known as Red Dog due to his adventurous spirit and the distinctive color of his coat.

What is Big Red Dog’s name?

The beloved character, the Big Red Dog, is named Clifford. He is the star of a series of children’s books that showcase his adventures and large heart.

What is the cutest dog’s name?

While subjective, Milo is frequently cited as one of the cutest dog names, embodying a friendly and approachable personality many dog owners adore.

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